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Self Examination

An evaluation of incompetence is used to support an industry dependent upon it, not the person being evaluated. An evaluator's results are determined by the examiner's means, motives and methods, and the outcome predicts nothing about what may develop. It might be better to use a system that has not been tested and failed, than to rely on one that has. Our faith in the practice may be all that's truly needed to heal. Please see: Transpositions.

When we act out of fear to determine if there's a threat in our environment, its because we have evidence of that threat to begin with. We're scarred by these kinds of activities when we're young, and our investigations are intended to prevent, identify, and control the threats we live with, whether fancied or real. It's not wrong to seek protection, or safety and comfort, though there may be difficult challenges to overcome while doing so. Feel free to review our Bill of Rights.

Evaluation Continued

Circa 1968, See also: Transpositions (Second column, The Evaluating Mind)

For example: The tactile evaluation of a male's glans may have different results for different people, but results have much more to do with the motives of the evaluator and the subjects conditions including such things as circumcision, than the subjects will or intention. Please see: Haptics in Biotechnology.

If a trauma is physical in nature, and we try to treat it with talk therapy, it will do no good. A physical problem needs to be treated by physical means. Trauma can't be processed by the mind by definition, like disassociation, it must be resolved by a change in the environment, or disruption to a learned response. A change in our behavior results in rewritten genes we rely upon, and things like muscle memory return to a normal adaptation and the normal functioning of a person. So do autonomic and/or sympathetic systems, such as the control of the heart beat, or the act of breathing. Please see: Bodywork.

Trauma needs to be healed directly. The mind actually gets in the way.

And, poor guidance and direction result in resentment, spiritual disease, and dependency on drugs, thus supporting the system that created the problem by denying the event, invalidating the witness, and creating a need for itself. Drugs lead to further degeneration of sympathetic and autonomic systems and the problem continues to fester in the background. The dulled senses weaken a bodies ability to defend itself and others, and nothings been accomplished but a postponement of the work that needs to be done, and the disability of the heavily medicated. Please see: Epigenesis.

We can't always attend the meetings others go to, but the point is that we work out these problems with God. The program is very helpful for people with anger, and fear - or obsessions....anything that bothers us over and over again, but our goal is to overcome these problems. Some meetings provide opportunities for children to attend as well.

By writing about problems common to us all like Anger, we can get to the source of our discontent, and find out what's really bothering us. You can use the following worksheets as guides:

Resentment Inventory
Resentment Inventory II

The same principles apply to Fear and Conduct. You can use these worksheets to solve these problems:

Fear Inventory
Fear Inventory II


Conduct Inventory
Conduct Inventory II

The pioneers of the Program were working on this solution over 75 years ago, that is precisely the purpose of these worksheets. By writing out what we're upset about and by disciplined practice of prayer and meditation we can overcome our own anger and frustration for next to nothing.

Instructions on how to do this is available here: Step Primer. Sometimes it's our only option, and even if we need to resort to professional support someday, we'll be much better prepared to do so.

There are suggested prayers along with the suggested questions to help you find your own truth.

Self Examination continued.

Though the step program is designed for addictions, many of us have come to believe that the true cause of disease is spiritual, and that disease results from these spiritual maladies. Lets take the burning up sensation for example. Most Modern Physicians believe that all disease results from inflammation of one form or another. If you become a target of Hate, managing anger may become a life saving strategy. Whenever life isn't fair (and it frequently is not!), and we have no choice but to live with injustice, there is no better way to deal with it. What we've begun to realize is that reporting the crimes may actually make things worse as you can see here in this example.

Events Relevant to a Hate Crime Scene in New Mexico 1998

It was requested by Law Enforcement that I keep a log, perhaps due to the fact that reporting has become so dangerous. This document was originally made to help provide evidence that was unclear in my last case. I requested in my closing argument to provide documents that were compromised during the trial online for the Judges deliberation. It continues now to show how doing casework, and providing reports in general can result in escalation.

Recent Events

  • November 2014: Working on reroutes for acceptable use of questionable practices as granted by the Complementary Health Care Act, which defines guidelines for the practice of Massage, Bodywork and/or Alternative Medicine: Please see: Bill of Rights
  • October 2014: Drug use in my apartment building results in conflicts with neighbors and building management. Because they can't admit its occurring without doing something about the problem, over a years worth of reporting falls on deaf ears. With winter approaching, there is nowhere to retreat from intoxicated people and toxic air.
  • June 2014: Accused of failing to pay the rent, Property Managers threaten me with eviction if I don't pay roughly two months rent past due within three days; rent that had already been paid.
  • April 2014: After spending roughly a year writing a mission to deal with anger and frustration in our community, establishing a place for the project fails.
  • February 2014: The sound of intentional noise, diesels, low frequency vibrations and switching in the furnace room become so difficult to tolerate its difficult to work or sleep in my apartment.
  • December 2013 - Present: Smoke from the use of drugs in an apartment upstairs vents into my bathroom. I called the police, notified the landlord, and talked to the neighbors myself, but the people involved were not legitimate tenants, and the violations continue.

Events Following the Hate Crime Scene Encounter

  • Fall 1998: Tried to reach my Daughter's family, and investigate the circumstances surrounding her allegations despite the resistance to my efforts by service agencies I used to do so.
  • Committed while bringing her allegations - allegations of someone she thought to be her father here in Minnesota, allegations she made of someone when I was living in California. I've never met her, though I made sincere efforts to do so with, and without agency support.
  • 1998/99: I reported anything that might have led to murder, retaliation or abuse - County by County - as accurately as my memory could provide, including:
  1. My work as an advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. Reports I provided to the Mental Health System during the 80's and 90's before I went to California.
  3. Reports I made to members of the Church, and Mentors including members of Anonymous Fellowships during the 80's and 90's.
  4. And other circumstances of my work and history, including work that might have been perceived as threatening, such as activism, or work for political organizations or interests, spiritual communities, and/or participation in civil disobedience.
  • 1999/2000: Filed a MN District Court to resolve those issues and others though I was poorly prepared to do so.

Etc. Please see: Log, for more details. (This is only an example.)