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Courts accept "Guilty", "Not Guilty", or "No Contest" as a response to an charge someone may be making to punish, or demand repaires, but if you pay close attention to your environment, you may see that not everyone will fall for the negative attention that is used to make your life difficult, and neither should you. Seek Professional Advice if you would like to do so, but it is our experience that whatever you think you've done wrong is much more likely to be God's expectation of you to help Him, than your own particular problem (though you may be best able to help Him with it).

The lack of assistance and abandonment we face may be due to defamation, slander or blame we're unaware of, but nothing gets done while there is still doubt about the matter. Punishment cannot be used on sick people, and that is what we believe is the problem. Even bad intentions are only a result of the disease resulting from the burning up sensation. Anger, and frustration resulting from the interference, or disruption to meeting our own goals. And, if we're brazen about the things we resent, others are much more likely to be able to manipulate us by using our anger. Please see: 12 Step Program Steps

Though we might not think we've lost our cool, the insanity that results from the perception of injustice may actually be used to deny our opportunities all together, and though we may actually have a valid case, the anger we feel about it may be used against us. Please see: Network Interference

Justice is a delicate and difficult goal to achieve, and the injustice in the world is so great, that for most of us in the United States, its preposterous to even consider ourselves to be victims. One recent global faith based system is very serious about this work. The Baha'i and The Universal House of Justice works through Faith and above and beyond Faith based systems and practices to achieve world peace and to overcome cultural, national and other prejudicial barriers.

The standards of Justice in our communities today to determine right and wrong, fair, and unfair are being revised by new cultural understandings based upon morality we've never used before. Legal Standards were set in this United States by application of The Ten Commandments, and most of our citizens were Christian. That is no longer the case, so we cannot rely upon the morality of Christian values to establish legal standards, or the Courts to abide by the morality of Christian Faith. The most common approach to injustice today, is to seek a higher court, and in most cases those efforts are found online like our work here today.

Try this yourself!

Its easy to see for yourself when you keep a log that not all your accusations ring true, and that may also be true of your accuser. Take a good look at your complaints. Let them sit for a few days, and then look at them again. Its easy to see that they form the basis of your suffering. Almost invariably, we find later that we had something to do with the injury ourselves, and that by trying to blame others, we made matters worse. Even if someone else is to blame, can we realistically expect them to change for us? How easy was it for you, for example, to quit using foul language, or to quit smoking? So many people fall into that trap I developed this Mission to try to help deal with it. It can be literally humiliating.

An example of the results of public complaints can be found here: Log

Adaptation in the Digital Age

When confronted by life threatening circumstances, criminal exploitation or defamation, what do we do?


In the United States, we can call upon our Constitutional Right to Confrontation which forces an accuser to proceed with an accusation by identifying him or herself, and granting a court for your defense. That right that was established as a result of a careful review of the Biblical Account of the Lynching of Christ by using the Geneva Bible in the UK -to address the suffering of the Dark Ages in the 1600's.

When Jesus was brought before the High Priest and questioned he said: "I spake openly to the worlde secret I have said nothing....Why askt thou Me?...beholde, they know what I said."

When denied confrontation before the Roman Governor he said: "Saist thou that of thy self, or did other tel it thee of Me."

...and before the Sanhedrin: "If I tell you, ye will not believe me. And if also I aske you, ye will not answer Me, nor let Me go."

(To be condemned without an accuser, and accusation, and a defense in the United States is a violation of our Constitutional Rights and would be a return to the Dark Ages.)

Paraphrased from: ~The Founder's Bible

Our goal here is to adapt to the new environment, and treat the conditions that result from our work, but if we ruin our new world with all our anger and frustration, then where will we go to be rid of it next?

  • Inflammation of the body: For example, inflammation from the stress of working in a cramped environment, or on a phone or tablet with small repetitious movements (such as texting) is bad enough. But one of the most effective approaches is found right here: Bodywork
  • Inflammation of the mind: Dealing with fear, anger and even remorse, is one of the most toxic environments and may literally burn us up on the inside. Use the tools we've developed here at: PTSSS Core Teaching to address the source of disease at the source.
  • Inflammation of each other: In order to amend grievance, or make amends and apologize for our behavior, we can begin by following through with each of the following worksheets on Anger, Fear, and Conduct, also at: Core Teaching Ultimately Amends will result when we let go of our toxic anger, and see how our behavior has lead to the threat. Our worksheets will help you to find a way to deal with the reality of the problem carefully. Again, please see: Core Teaching to accomplish your goals.

The work we've done, and the value of the material we create is useless if we cannot continue to use it to help each other - even by constructive criticism. If we are separated by the identities we create rather than brought together, we cannot verify the results of our work, or rely upon the results we find independently by any means, and we will be returned to the delusions that separate us once again.

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