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CrystalsA physical problem can't be changed by thoughts about it, so talk therapy is not likely to do much good. The mind cannot:

  • Connect to a muscle memory or a trigger point that is isolated by a toxic chemical environment.
  • Reach tissue unavailable to innervation.
  • Command muscle or tissue without nutrients and fuel, such as those found in our blood supply.
  • Address inflammation that results from emotional imbalance.

We need an alternative form of treatment that can only be provided by a physical practice and a treatment setting designed to address these issues. Please see Treatment Plans, and/or Epigenesis.

When I found myself and my brothers threatened and scarred, I tried to determine where our wounds came from, and just what the threat was. And as I grew up, I was expected to account for my evaluations. Because I didn't understand how we were conditioned or controlled, I believed that the reactivity I encountered resulted from my own behavior. So the first acknowledgment I had to make was not that I lied, or covered up, but that I did not understand. I simply did not realize that the power to control is not really mine, its God's.

When advocating for those who sue these practices and procedures (which are often provided without consent), and identifying problems like how to dress a wound with a diaper, I found that as I refer to the plastic pants used to cover the diaper (which may have caused rashes), a rash judgement may have been made based upon my earlier admission of having caused problems like these because we were taught to be open and honest about our doubts, and talk, or admitting was all we knew. So I began by acknowledging these mistakes to help others, like my own children to cope with the consequences of rash judgements by use of writing.

We write more carefully about the investigation of problems like these with haptics (touch sensitive controls) - and our text is augmented with hypertext, which encapsulates words like anchor text (or hyperlinks) with methods, events, or multiple instances of resulting events to clarify the content, and to warn users of the reactivity of the medium (the Internet) with tooltips and conventions to keep boundaries better, and to identify the true causes and conditions of the conflicts, reactivity, or responses we're encountering along the way.

Please see: Self Examination

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