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ASMR Contraindications

Adaptive Medicine

Tingling, current or electricity seemed the perfect replacement for the brutality of the scalpel and barbarism of any kind (including blunt trauma), introduced by Rudolph Hess to Cats and the vivisection of monkeys to determine how they mapped the world with their visual cortex may not seem related, but both suffered the consequences of exposure to electrical current internally.

Tingles vs Tickles

Tesla did similar things to himself; though less intrusive than probes, he believed he could use the electro-magnetic field to heal people, but it wasn't surprising to find animal rights activists protesting on Telegraph Avenue as a result of the Research taking place there when I arrived.

So it's not a stretch to consider the healing touch of a Nurse, who tingled my scalp in a small town Hospital as a kind of cure either, but she didn’t know that my efforts to tingle had been replaced by choking on laughter caused by my stepdad tickling my neck as a child.

Seeing the action in the living room, he decided to join in by tickling, not tingling and choking on my laugh may have blocked the natural response we were learning to enjoy. (my mother brought me to the hospital when my reaction to the lack of accountability surprised her.

Normally, discussing our past was a fairly friendly activity, but I had just returned from a fishing trip up north that was both a blessing and a curse. I experienced such a huge moment of relief while out fishing on that lake that I found it difficult to sleep when I returned home. And a night without sleep left me preoccupied with the stress I normally suffer with, so I asked her about the high pressure circumstances we grew up with one last time to no avail.

So we appealed to ASMR practitioners and others, who’s treatments online have helped us considerably by reporting this problem as an exception to the rule. I had no idea what her tingling fingers would do to the starving brain underneath by that point in time and the doctors chose to sedate me for further observation as a result. Later, I was to realize that what was really taking place was a feature of Constitutional Limitations, not healthcare. They were really silencing my testimony because it was too dangerous for my folks to live with.


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