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Space Time Craft

This clip covers a story that needed more information; because I dragged the top of a gravity furnace over to the vacant lot across the alley from our old place in the city by myself and didn't really have a chance to tell anyone about it before we left, I was afraid that my cousin Leah might've made some pretty big decisions based upon a history of my life that was not completely true. E.g., Yes, I accidentally hit my neighbor with a baseball bat, but as far as I know, his head didn't swell up like the more fully evolved human (or alien) played by David McCallum in the episode The Sixth Finger on The Outer Limits.

Spinning Wheel, got to go round

It's taken nearly an entire lifetime for me to learn that Hospitals, as I understand them to be, are not necessary in all cases. I admire the Qualifications and Requirements of the Knights Hospitaller when first responding to injuries, where clearly some injuries requiring medical intervention are set aside for medical professionals so others, who need to enquire into the cause of a wound can engage in their preoccupations. Here, in this clip, there may be some confusion about what is taking place, but what has been conveyed to me is a way by which some may learn to cope with the finality of life which is what I thought Hospitals were for to begin with.

Network Interference

While most of us have learned to circle the wagons after living with Pandemic for a while, we may have to face the fact that we're surrounded by Apaches as we sit at our Terminals and that the time we have left for Web Development may return nothing of material value whatsoever. On the other hand, I appreciate the clarity of my thoughts after working in this environment for many years and realize that most of what I couldn't articulate when I began has become abundantly clear and easy for me to understand today.

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