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Survival in the Digital Age

Keep a log, such as this one Sample Log to see what you can do about your incidents, but be careful not to hurt anyone in the process. Keep it anonymous, or private - to keep yourself safe, and other's from harm until you're sure of yourself. See if your complaints stand the test of time, or if what you encounter in life is brought on by your own thoughts, feelings or behavior. Here's another useful tool for evaluation: evaluation.pdf

Sometimes the self interest of earning a living money, business, or securing our children can result in tactics such as those common in divorce. For example, 'Disney Dad', disparaging 'Mom, the disciplinarian' - or Mom portraying Dad as a 'perpetrator' to ensure the custody of their child.

Because we can be so compromised by labels or denial ('Victim': "That's abuse!" 'Offender': "You deserved it!" 'Mediator': "Who started it?..." etc.), an elaborate and persistent lie can be extremely difficult to defend against.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say! There's no guarantee that your case will ever be heard, be it by law enforcement or even someone you trust, so to be sure that you'll have a chance to, keep a log and return to it whenever you have doubts about what's happening. At the very least, write down what you're concerned about to double check your apprehension. What seems to be happening is as important as what you think is happening, so write it down to make sure it makes sense, and take a look at it a few days, or even a few weeks to make sure. Often our complaints are nothing more than an easy way to avoid our own mistakes.

Hate crimes are extremely difficult because they escalate, (get worse) over time. Even reporting the crime becomes life threatening. Some people have never known anything but hate in their lives and believe it to be completely normal, and many of us live with the lies that justify hatred because in back of them is a monster who will torture and/or kill to find out what really is true.

Nothing but the Truth

Young Sapling & The Mighty Flowering Tree

It's our duty to tell the truth, but we cannot motivate violence or argue for crime by doing so. If our language becomes dangerous, we don't have a right to use it without identifying ourselves and allowing for a safe defense. Its not unusual....just trying to have things our own way or trying to get what we want will bring us into conflict with others, but using anger to cause problems is illegal, and using the Internet for personal problems isn't safe. As the Internet becomes more important to our safety and health care, what we say online will be even more important than what we say to each other.

If your life is in danger, notify the police and do whatever you can to survive. In addition to refraining from suicidal tendencies, we also need to make a decision to live! Its not enough to stop killing ourselves. Here are a few tips from my experience: Survival Ground

Keep yourself in check! Are you sure your grievance isn't a projection of something you don't like about yourself? Are you keeping things in perspective, or are you having your own trial? Take a look at yourself before you rationalize justice without a judge. Its not possible to bring a case, and judge it at the same time. Be patient, and let justice be brought if necessary. Typically, our mistake is to try to do the job of ruling on our own. Be sure you understand your grievance based upon an evaluation of yourself with the same problem before you start-in on someone else, and your likely to have much better luck with the process. Please see: Self Examination.

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