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Cell Groups Forming

We're solving living problems!

  • Cell Groups form based upon similar interests.
  • Find compatible partners similarly inclined.
  • More about Cell Groups

Join us Monday and Thursday nights for Bible Study and Common Grounds, an informal gathering in the Narthex from 6:30 - 9:00 PM. Be a part of every amen, with Every Tribe and Tongue. Monday night Bible Study starts at 7:00 PM:

St. Paul's Evangelical Church
(1900 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis)

Monday & Thursday Nights

Come to celebrate your independence, to counsel with other Christians, or to do problem solving; such as working on creative housing solutions. We're brainstorming options as far flung as river boats on the Mississipi. Bring your imagination and we'll work out the rest! Snacks and Coffee provided on Thursdays, Coffee on Monday.

  • How to organize a problem solving effort, or teach problem solving to others: Problem Solving
  • How to deal with anger; alcoholic or not, the 12-steps are still one of the best methods: Step Primer
  • How to prepare for a relationship or a significant other: Relations
  • How to deal with anger: Anger Management

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