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Creative Freedoms of Expression

July 21, 2022 by IMID

Web Publication Foundations

Even if I was offended by a father I didn't know well, or the emergence of a power of creation we don't always have control over, after careful study of spiritual teachings, I realize that we'll only be conscious of God if we clear away our anger and fear to experience God within. God needs to see himself in our community to provide sound guidance. And, we need His guidance because we're normally too preoccupied with our own activity to fully realize the consequences of our behavior.

Our parents may not be the best example of God in our lives, but when we're children, there is no safer source of experience to turn to. They too, live with our genes and are best able to teach us adaptations to an environment that may not always be friendly to our own particular traits. We were considered unreliable witnesses which resulted in unemployment and dependency, so we had to substantiate our claims, making matters worse.

The Application of Mind Control

As early as the 1920s, Swiss Scientist Rudolph Hess determined that he could induce various behavioral states by probing the brain with electricity.

My Motivation

  • 1990: Studied the visual cortex to determine how the conscious mind perceives the world outside our field of view.
  • 1994: Studied Multimedia Computing at San Francisco State University.
  • September 1996: Formed the Media Development Group, the first of many efforts to become self-supporting.
  • 1996: Publication of print by way of email communications results in the application of html, javascript and css to build web pages instead.
  • 1996: Ended County based referrals to a hospital accused of improperly restraining patients that were dying there.
  • 1996: Recruited to work for vulnerable adults in the healthcare system.
  • 1997: Granted a conditional release after being convicted of reckless driving as a result of driving home on a flat.
  • October 1998: Encountered a Hate Crime Scene while traveling to respond to a disclosure made by my daughter.
  • 2001: Formed the corporation Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination Incorporated (AKA IMID Ltd)
  • 2012: Formed the LLC IMID Limited (also known as IMID Ltd).
  • 2016: Established the Common Law Trust The Trusteeship IMID.
  • Participated in a study at the University on the control of computers by intention.

Keep a Timeline

Most of my work was intended to protect and defend children and vulnerable adults, so it was suggested to me early in my career to keep a log. Logging incidents and events allows us to evaluate the guidance we've been given and provides us an opportunity to reflect upon the consequences of taking the suggestions. And, we hope that documenting the results will help others to adapt to circumstances that we may currently be unfamiliar with.

Common problems we can solve online:

The problem with confusion as caused by equivocation or ambiguity is that the target of our frustration isn't made clear (because it's considered to be a problem). For example, by referring to 'the cat on the avenue' as the reason for getting lost, some might believe I refer to one of my mother's lovers when in fact it really was just a calico cat. With hypertext, we can clarify the meaning of a term that might be confusing to be unambiguous about our concern at a minimum and artistic about its presentation at best.

For example:

  • Though I was offended by disturbances while discovering the effects of the tingling sensation, a beautiful new movement called ASMR seems to have emerged to replace it.

There are many ways of accomplishing this task! Build a Bullet Journal, or write out worksheets at: PTSSS.org to prepare if you're upset about your circumstances beforehand. Bullet Journals organize record keeping and planning on paper so that if you're having trouble with publications (or are getting hacked for example), you may better be able to manage your time to strategize a defense. We all have to face our Constitutional Limitations.

Supporting Material

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