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Events during 1998

3-14-1998: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2

4-11-1998: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2

October 1998: Encountered a Hate Crime Scene while traveling to ask about a confession made by my daughter because I couldn't get anything done by telephone.

History following the Hate Crime Scene Encounter

  1. My work on Patients Rights as a Healthcare Advocate during the 1990's.
  2. Reports I provided to the Mental Health System at home during the 80's and 90's before I went to live in another State.
  3. Reports I made to members of the Church, and Mentors including members of Anonymous Fellowships during the 80's and 90's.
  4. Other features of my history, including work that might have been perceived as threatening, such as my activism, and/or participation in civil disobedience.
  5. November 1998: Smashed my fender on a boulder in the ditch while driving around a gate in Washington County after reminiscing about the area (someone locked the gate to a gravel pit while I was inside).
  6. November 20, 1998: Assaulted by someone asking where I was going downtown because I wouldn't say.

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